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OthersPosted by marcel 2013-03-29 12:28PM

Finally, we took action and moved the homepage to a new domain:!

We try to set up the site a little bit more professional in terms of content, but also ease of use, and navigation. For now, we will focus on two major categories: (Public) Transport and Housing in the Netherlands. When we established these two categories and they are satisfying, we will include more topics that will be of interest to you, may you be international student, expat or simply interested.

In order to improve the information on and make it most suitable for you, we are always interested in what YOU think about certain aspects of living in holland. It can be anything from issues you may encounter while ordering the NS discount card or activating it. Also if you want to know more about a certain top - LET US KNOW!

Well, check out our website frequently since we will update it with information on travel discounts and other good deals!

Enjoy our new site!